15 August 2011

Week one - orientation to BPS2011

Orientation, by Udrekeli Mariam Kuprashvili
Welcome to the first week of BPS2011. Let's spend this week familiarising ourselves with the unit, as things may be a little different to what you're used to.

First things first, we are meeting only once this week, on the Thursday lecture time of 11:30am at the University of Canberra, room 6B45. It is important you make it to this meeting, as we'll step through the assignments in detail, and establish the tutorial groups.

There will be no tutorial sessions on Wednesday or Thursday - they will start next week. This should simplify things for everyone, you only have one time and place to remember for BPS2011 this week: Thursday, 11:30am, 6B45. For all other weeks, keep an eye on the Schedule.

By now, you may have noticed that this unit is set up differently to most other units. We are running things like a conference, where the lecture times are filled with guest lectures, panel discussions, and local expert presentations, and as emerging professionals around the topic of this conference, you are submitting papers and presentations to the conference journal. The conference (your unit) has a website: http://bps.ucniss.net and all the information you need channels through there. Keep an eye on this site for news, announcements and handy information.

There is a Moodle site that has been paired down considerably, pointing to the BPS conference site instead. The main purpose of the Moodle site is the forum, where we can discuss things and ask questions of one another.

If you're a Facebook user, and we expect 98% of you are, then there is a page set up for you. Why not like us there, so we know you're with us. Thanks to Leigh, Aidan, Josh and Diane for getting into that early.

Everything in this unit hinges on your assignments. The 'conference' schedule is designed to inspire ideas for your essay and presentation, and the Wednesday tutorials are set aside for progressing these assignments, with help on hand from your unit convener and other support personnel.

If you own or have access to a portable computer, with access to the Internet (UC Wifi), we will be encouraging you to bring it along to BPS2011 lectures and tutorials.

We're looking forward to seeing you this Thursday, 11:30am, in 6B45, where we'll explain things in much more detail, take questions and discuss assignment ideas. If you'd like to sink your teeth into some content right away, we highly recommend the reading for this week:

Joseph Esposito, Aug 2011. The New Face of Social Media. The Scholarly Kitchen (Society for Scholarly Publishing)

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