03 August 2011

Why a wiki, why a blog, why Facebook, why face to face?

Well, partly because we can't sit still, but mostly to give you options. Essentially the info about this unit is the same on all of them, so you choose which space to be in: face to face, Facebook, blog or wiki, they're all a different flavour of vanilla blue. Oh, and if your wondering about Moodle, it's there too.

Earlier in the year, we found that 98% of the 1st year students use Facebook, and that too few of them use anything else! So we figured, well.. what's the probability that these people tend to check their Facebook before their unit website, and that most don't get past checking their Facebook ... so we've gone there, for your convenience and inescapable pressure.

We've set up a blog, that feeds the Facebook, with a wiki in the background, that as the source of all content. Central to it all though, is an outstanding schedule of lectures not to be missed, and essential tutorials to support the lectures, and help you progress your assignments. It'll all be online, but nothing compares to the face to face experience. There's no avoiding us, now get studying!!

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