08 September 2011

Open Water

At today's lecture, we heard from Greg Doyle, who flew down from Newcastle to speak to us about his experiences as a sporting organisation manager of Tennis NSW, Surf Life Saving Central Coast, Athletics NSW and now Australian Canoeing. Greg's talk was refreshingly frank and bang on what we need to be hearing in this unit - the practicalities of business and politics in sporting organisations, and like he said, "same horse, different jockey". Some good questions were asked at the end of the talk, and I'm sorry that the recording cut out half way through one of Greg's answers. It pays to be at the lectures in person sometimes.

Here's the audio recording

The tutorials

Both the Wednesday and Thursday tutorials focused on getting everyone's Wikiversity Userpages set up, and links through to everyone's essay page. If you were absent for both these tutorials, please ask someone to show you how to go about catching up. You need to create an account on Wikiversity, put a sentence or two about yourself on your user page, and create a link on your user page, to a sub page for your essay, by typing this:

[[/BPS2011 Essay/]]

When you save that page, there will be a red link reading "BPS2011 Essay", you need to click that and type the following on the page that loads:

==Body 1==
==Body 2==
==Body 3==

That last line is a category link, and it brings everyone's essay pages together on this page. Go check out what everyone else is doing, and make sure you have your outlines on your essay pages, ready by next week.

The Wikipedia Cheatsheet -
a handy reference for wiki writing
Here's the Wikipedia Cheatsheet we mentioned in the tutorials. It's a PDF, and might be helpful if you print it out and have it next to you as you edit your Wikiversity page. Editing on Wikiversity is just about exactly  the same as editing on Wikipedia, a very good skill to have - part of the reason we're getting you to do this.

A word on those outlines and the essay: you need to pick a sport or physical activity, and talk about how business and politics BOTH intersect around it, from a LOCAL to INTERNATIONAL level. Don't focus only on the business or only on the politics, and don't talk only about the international level, or only about the local. You need to cover it all. Your essay doesn't need to be an argument, in fact it's probably better for this topic that it wasn't. Be mostly observational, think as though you're explaining the situation today, to a foreigner or a new comer, who has never considered your topic before. Arguments are ok, but you might be making things harder than they need to be.

Next week's lecture

Next week we'll be hearing from a panel involved in Orienteering Australia, both the national organisation perspective, and an adventure sport event organising business' perspective. On this panel are Bill Jones, President of Orienteering Australia, John Harding CEO of Orienteering Australia, Ben Rattray orienteering athlete and event organiser, and Dave Meyer former employee of Adventure Racing Outdoor Challenges (AROC). Try and spend some time on their websites before the discussion next week.

Next week's tutorials

Next week's tutorials are when your outlines are due on your WIkiversity pages. We'll be checking they're all there, and discussing the content of them, and encouraging people with similar interests team up a bit. We'll also start discussing your presentation ideas.

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