15 September 2011

Way Finding

Today, heard from a panel involved in Orienteering Australia, both at the national organisation perspective, and an adventure sport event organising business' perspective. On this panel are John Harding CEO of Orienteering Australia, Ben Rattray orienteering competitor and event organiser, and Dave Meyer former employee of Adventure Racing Outdoor Challenges (AROC).

The audio recording

Here's the audio recording of the panel discussion. 57minutes. 13 meg.

A video:

Here's a promo video for adventure racing and orienteering, based in event held in Canberra last year..

Some pictures:

Here's the search results of Flickr photos relating somehow to orienteering..

Some questions

Ben Rattray: You've recently returned from Europe where youre partner competed in orienteering events representing Australia. You also are a high performing orienteer, tell us about the sport both locally and internationally, and how our is you become involved with it?

John Harding: You both hold senior positions in OA, tell us about the purpose of OA, the political and business interests and activities if you can, and the roles you both play in those activities.

Dave Meyer: You used to work with AROC, a leading Australian business that organises orienteering and other adventure events. Tell us about what they do, how their business model kinda works, and what you think the future holds for work like theirs?

Panel: The Crawford Report, what impact has it had on the prospects of orienteering in Australia, and what guidance or direction do you take from it, if any?

Ben Rattray: As an active member of OA, an exercise researcher, and an orienteering athlete, what sorts of things do you do to progress the sport at large?

Open panel comment and questions from audience or to each other.

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