03 September 2011

Greater than the sum of the parts?

At Thursday's lecture held on the 1st of September, Keith Lyons spoke about the Crawford Report in his talk, Greater than the sum of the parts? At that link you will find Keith's summary of his talk, as well as the audio visual version he has created for those who could not be there.

Next week's lecture

Next week, on the 8th of September, we have Greg Doyle, CEO of Australian Canoeing talking to us about canoeing's articulation with business and politics. There are no readings at this stage.

This week's tutorial

This week, Lynn Berry from the University of Canberra's Academic Skills Centre, visited the Wednesday tutorial sessions to advise on how to develop essay outlines, how to progress the essay, and a bit on how to start a Wikiversity Userpage. Lynn's handouts are available on her Wikiversity Userpage.

Next week's tutorial

Next week we will focus on developing a final draft of your essay outlines, and getting them up on your Wikiversity userpages. We know at least one person has done this already: User CHugginson with a very interesting topic, and a pretty engaging writing style being used to set up the essay. It will be interesting to watch that one develop. If you also have your outline up on your Userpage (of in a subpage to your Userpage) please leave a comment here with a link to it, or email Leigh and he will apply the BPS2011 tag to it so as to make sure we're all in the same place.

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