27 October 2011

Value proposition for a sport service business

Last week we listened to Alannah Magee’s story of her journey into the sports business over the last 20 years. Her exhortation for agile business practice based upon profound ethical values and service, was a perfect synthesis of some of the key issues in BPS2011 around the commodification and politicisation of sport.
Alannah used some examples from her work at and with Sportsmans Warehouse. Information about the company and work with community can be found on the SW website developed by Osky Interactive.

20 October 2011

Uniting or dividing

Keith gave his usual classy performance in another thought provoking lecture about the role of sport in uniting and dividing communities. A copy of his slides with abbreviated audio, can be found on Slideshare, embedded below:

13 October 2011

Tony Naar and the Australian Paralympic Committee

Our guest speaker today was Tony Naar, General Manager Knowledge Services at the Australian Paralympic Committee. Tony is responsible for a project to collect, manage and preserve the history of the Paralympic movement in Australia. UCNISS is working with Tony, as well as sport historian Murray Phillips (University of Queensland) to produce an online history, through Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikibooks. The History of the Paralympics Australia project (HoPAu) has a range of other elements to it, that seeks partnerships with organisations and individuals. In his talk, Tony takes us through the scope of the project, and the reasons for doing it.

12 October 2011

Reviewing other essays

Before tutorials today, I posted a message to the Wikiversity community, asking for volunteers to help me build a review template for BPS2011 essays. No later than after the first tutorial, User:Bilby came to our aid, and produced the Essay Review template.

How to use it?

When you feel ready solicit a pre assessment review of your essay, type this at the top of your essay's wiki page:

{{Essay review
| Title = 
| Author = 
| Wordcount = 
| Copyright = 
| Referencing = 
| Structure = 
| Overall rating = 
| Closing comments = 

And save.

Aligned in the top right will now be a box awaiting a reviewer to fill it in. Here it is as an example of it placed on my essay wiki, even though my essay is far from ready for review.

If you're a reviewer and wondering how to fill this box in, refer to the instructions on the template's wiki page: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Template:Essay_review

If you come across an essay in the BPS2011 list that you would like to review, feel free to drop the template in on the essay yourself.

A big thanks to Bilby, wherever you are, for helping us out here at BPS2012.