12 October 2011

Reviewing other essays

Before tutorials today, I posted a message to the Wikiversity community, asking for volunteers to help me build a review template for BPS2011 essays. No later than after the first tutorial, User:Bilby came to our aid, and produced the Essay Review template.

How to use it?

When you feel ready solicit a pre assessment review of your essay, type this at the top of your essay's wiki page:

{{Essay review
| Title = 
| Author = 
| Wordcount = 
| Copyright = 
| Referencing = 
| Structure = 
| Overall rating = 
| Closing comments = 

And save.

Aligned in the top right will now be a box awaiting a reviewer to fill it in. Here it is as an example of it placed on my essay wiki, even though my essay is far from ready for review.

If you're a reviewer and wondering how to fill this box in, refer to the instructions on the template's wiki page: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Template:Essay_review

If you come across an essay in the BPS2011 list that you would like to review, feel free to drop the template in on the essay yourself.

A big thanks to Bilby, wherever you are, for helping us out here at BPS2012.


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