07 December 2011

BPS2011 Web usage stats and feedback



University Student Satisfaction Survey (2009, 2010 and 2011)

More detail, and written feedback here:

06 December 2011

BPS2011 Marks

UPDATE: There was an error in the file that was uploaded to Moodle, meaning some people read a false mark. I think it only affected about 5 people. Also, a number have emailed me to ask on the mark for each on their assignments, the essay, presentation and exam. So I've made a new (and hopefully fixed file) that is now loaded into Moodle. Please check.

Ok.. I think the marks for BPS2011 participants are now available in Moodle's Gradebook. It was a hellish experience trying to get them in, let me tell you! Thanks to James Neill from Psychology for talking me through it.

The front cover of the journal. Preview the rest
Now, these are NOT the official marks and grades. They are what has been submitted to Student Progress, who will advise participants on their official mark and grade somewhere around 16 Dec.

If you see that you have not been given a mark, it is because we couldn't satisfactorily assess your work (because it wasn't properly submitted, or wasn't submitted at all, or we stuffed up). If that's you, we have registered you as a NOT COMPLETE (NC). On the books NC is a fail, but you have the option still available to submit or resubmit the assignments. Contact us if you'd like to take advantage of that, or if there has been some sort of mistake on our part.

What about the Journal of Sport and Exercise Studies?

We're compiling that now. At the moment, we have the best essays from BPS2011 in there, and the printed paperback version comes to 133 pages and costs US$11.71 I'm tweaking it still so don't go and buy one yet, you can preview it here though. I'll let you know when it's finished.