This unit of study will run for 13 weeks as a conference. Please attend the scheduled lecture presentations, and submit a paper and presentation to the conference journal.

Unit convener: Leigh Blackall | Ph: 0404561009 | Email: leighblackall@gmail.com

You are writing a paper for the The Journal of Sport and Exercise Studies. On the fifth week of this unit (15 September), please provide a 250 word outline for your intended topic in your user page on Wikiversity, and notify your unit convener when it is ready for review. If your outline is accepted, it will be listed on the journal's front page as a work in progress. You then have until the twelfth week of the unit (3 November) to complete your 2000 word paper on your Wikiversity user page.

You are to record and upload a 10 minute presentation on the same topic as your academic paper, or a new topic all together. You can use video, audio with images, or other multi media, but this presentation needs to be informative and engaging for an online audience. Please have your presentation sumitted before the twelfth week of the unit (3 November)

There will be 10 questions in the exam, each worth 10 marks based on your ability to give full answers. Think of each answer as mini essays, with an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction includes evidence that you have understood the question, and what you are going to use to answer it. The body is the detail of the answer. The conclusion is a summary of the question and the answer. It sounds repetitive, but its a sure way of making sure you're answered the question in full.
    You have support to complete these assignments in the form of:
    • resources listed in this outline
    • unit convenor discussing the assignments in lectures/tutorials
    • instructional media and resources listed on the unit website
    • the Academic Skills Centre at the University of Canberra will provide one to one support for planning, writing and technical assistance in completing these assignments - for University of Canberra students who make an appointment.
    Background websites and documents